Just as a few drops of water at a time fill the ocean, so too can taking a few steps to be more paper-free in your home and work space make an impact on saving the environment. When I started my business I was determined to take accounting to the virtual level and have been able to fulfill that goal. It order to be virtual, you have to be paperless. Accounting is a very document-intense business with lots of reports and supporting documentation. To us being virtual means that all of our employees work from home and our business serves clients nationwide virtually!

Step 1 to a virtual business is going paperless. Here are some steps you can take to make a move toward a paperless office:

  • Don’t lose those important receipts, scan them. Since many receipts fade over time, this is a way to retain important information in case you get audited. Create appropriately named files on computer to hold these receipts. Once scanned, the originals can be shredded.
  • If you do your shopping online, you’ll reduce the number of catalogues that come to your home or office. Cancel any that do arrive.
  • If you’re a fan of e-readers you can cancel hardcopy magazine subscriptions and read your periodicals online.
  • Request online statements from your bank, credit card companies and investment accounts. These files are smaller and clearer than statements that you scan.
  • Pay your bills online. Online bill paying is safe and secure as long as you have a strong password. Email Carolyn@TheAccountantsOffice.biz if you want a copy of our free special report on creating a strong password.
  • Because all your records are on your computer, be sure to back it up nightly. We use a remote off-site backup along with a local whole drive backup for added security.

You’ll love being paperless! With our paperless system for our virtual accounting office we can locate any document in 16 seconds. Yes, we timed it! No more file cabinets and storage boxes. We’d love to know how, or if, you’re taking any steps to go green whether your office is virtual or brick and mortar. Please share what you’re doing.

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