That might sound like a very strange question. You can’t see noise so how can it have a color? White noise is an architectural term for a sound of nature, like a babbling brook, a breeze blowing through the trees, or raindrops falling from the sky. It’s a steady, unvarying, unobtrusive sound used to cover up other unwanted sounds.

Why would you bother with white noise?

  • It blocks distractions to help you focus better
  • It gives the illusion of a privacy bubble around you
  • It helps you sleep more soundly (but not at the office!)

White noise contains sound across all frequencies and covers a wide range of frequencies. It’s great to play while you’re reading, writing, studying or doing anything that requires focus. More focus means more productivity. Sleeping better is just a bonus!

You can get white noise by downloading an MP3 file to your computer, getting an app for your smart phone or buying a CD. Try it – I’ll bet you like it!

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2 Responses to What Color is the Noise Around You?
  1. In 1999 I worked on a temporary project and shared the office with one of the Officers. He turned on a disc every morning that initially I heard but disappeared into the background. He believed that it would help him maintain a level of mind set that was beneficial to getting work done. I find that people I work with have a different version of white noise depending on their personal culture. So for me in the past I found that the off button was my best friend during work hours and let the sound of the AC or heat kicking on and off be my white noise. Now I use background music and usually change what type of music I listen to several times a day. I also have an associate that uses music that I find harsh to be their white noise. And I’ve worked with others whose choices were/are offensive to me. I truly used to prefer the off button during work hours and many times even driving. Eventually when I was alone in a car I would turn on my channel choice but keep it off when I had passengers. They knew I preferred the off button and it kept their choice from being put on the radio. Now I’m less diplomatic and if I turn the radio on it goes on my choice and they can get a ride from someone else if they don’t appreciate my choice. I’ve earned the right to choose when I’m driving and I keep my comments to myself when they’re driving. I know your info is about traditional white noise but any more what is white noise?

  2. Bob, thanks for sharing your thoughts. My favorite white noise is the sound of ocean surf gently rolling in. Maybe that’s because I lived on a 43′ sailboat for 5 years!


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