We all experience Crunch Time. It’s when you’re on deadline, the project is due, and it’s apparent that some reason the best-laid plan has slipped. Everyone is working like mad to try to get it done right and done on time.

How you handle these busy times can greatly impact your stress level, your productivity, and your professional reputation.

Here are a few ideas for effectively handling your next Crunch Time:


  • Do only absolutely necessary tasks – prune out anything that is extra
  • Ask for help – if someone else on the team can do even part of a task it will give you relief
  • Ask for a deadline extension – most people, even the IRS, will give you a little grace if they can

This is Crunch Time for our team of virtual accountants. You can bet we are all putting the above into use right now.

The good news about Crunch Time is that it is temporary. This too shall pass.

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