If you’re a solopreneur or an entrepreneur of any size, chances are you will need an accountant and/or a bookkeeper. Why? Because unless you are a bookkeeping or accounting professional and understand the nuances of tax filing, IRS regulations associated with income and expenses, and payroll, you will want to focus on your business’s core competency and leave the number-crunching to those who truly understand it.

In our virtual accounting business, we work with entrepreneurs of varying sizes nationwide. The business owner concentrates on his or her area of expertise and leaves the accounting and bookkeeping to us. This not only gives them the accurate information they need to make intelligent business decisions, it also frees them up to concentrate on growing their business.

If you’re starting a new business in 2016 you may be wondering: “What can a virtual accountant or bookkeeper do for me?” Here are some tasks we perform in specific areas of expertise:marketing goals

  1. Because we love our paperless office, we help clients set up a paperless office for themselves and their businesses. In a paperless environment, receipts, invoices and other business paperwork is stored electronically instead of in paper files. As a result it is available to multiple people from remote locations. You won’t have to worry about finding that particular receipt or locating an invoice as it will all be stored electronically. This also cuts down on the amount of on-site storage you need to have as well as the time spent filing papers.
  2. Providing a business owner with accurate income and expenses and being able to show trends will allow you to make informed business decisions as they relate to hiring, marketing, and other business decisions. Knowing your cash flow will help you know whether you can meet financial commitments and keep you on track for doing just that.
  3. A bookkeeper or virtual accountant can also help you set up systems in your financial life that will help make your business run more smoothly and that will also relieve financial stresses from “just not knowing” what your financial picture is.

Are you working with a bookkeeper or virtual accountant who is providing you with the financial reporting that you need to have to make informed business decisions? If not, give our office a call at 480.219.4285 to schedule a complimentary 30-minute strategy session.

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