What Does Success Mean to You?

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Ask 50 people what success means and you’re likely to get 50 different answers. Most people will tell you they want to be successful but they can’t really tell you how they’ll know when they are. If you don’t know what you’re shooting for, how will you know when you’ve hit it?

successCommon success indicators can be money, reputation, possessions (like a house, boat, car, airplane, artwork, and great clothes), travel and experiences, etc. Maybe to you success means making a contribution, providing jobs, even finding the cure for cancer. Many people seem driven to succeed. Once they have all the things above they still don’t feel successful. Maybe they need to stop and define success.

To me, success means peace of mind. It means I’ve made a contribution that has made a difference to others. If what I’m doing leaves me in a constant state of turmoil, I don’t care what the rewards are, it is not success. My success is enjoying a comfortable lifestyle at a relaxed pace.

What does success mean to you? In the striving for it we trade pieces of our lives, so defining what success means to you is an important decision.

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  1. Success is when one has accomplished something that they have wanted to do. In my book if one rates success based upon the $s in their bank account they’re missing the real satisfaction that comes with true success. I’d rather die broke and happy that I accomplished what I wanted then to die dissatisfied with my life and have a large sum of money in the bank. That said I get that I am responsible for me and mine so I need to make enough to care for us. No expensive vacation even once in my life is going to put a smile of “Satisfaction” on my face. Making others smile because I did something for them is more success then doing something that benefits myself only.


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