In my business as a virtual accountant I work with clients who have businesses from a wide variety of industries all across the country. I’ve found that successful business owners have one common trait – they regularly review their marketing and business growth plans. marketing goalsWhen is the last time you reviewed yours?

Here are three areas you should review to make certain your business marketing is doing all it can for you:

  1. What is your business brand? Your brand is who you are as a company, what your company culture is and who you serve. Being laser-focused in this area is critical to your overall marketing.
  2. What is your strategy for growth? Many entrepreneurs skip this step and go right into implementation. If you don’t have a growth strategy, your implementation could be an empty endeavor. This where you budget for your marketing, determine who on your team will oversee it, decide what platforms you will target with your efforts, and what metrics you’ll use to gauge success.
  3. Implementation of your marketing plan is the final step in the process. Once you’ve explored the above two steps you can move forward with implementing your branding and marketing strategy.

When is the last time you looked at your marketing plan? Do you understand what your company’s brand is and can you easily articulate it?

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