What Drives Your Business?

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What is the fuel that ignites your passion each day? The answer is the reason you’re in business. It’s what drives your business. Are you just in it for the money? Or is there a deeper reason you do what you do? Of course all businesses need to be profitable to survive, but if money is the primary reason your business exists, your prospects and clients will know it. Chances for long-term success are slim.

I’m a life-long entrepreneur and I think being an entrepreneur is the most wonderful thing anyone can be! My passion is to help other entrepreneurs be successful. Most business owners I talk to didn’t get into business to deal with the accounting aspect of their business and often to them it is a royal pain. To me and my team, it’s what lights our fire! We want to make a contribution that will help our clients’ businesses be more successful. I was humbled to receive a National Enterprise Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration in 2010 for doing just that. (Who knew you could get an award for doing what you love?!)

When you do what you’re passionate about, what drives your business, and leave the rest (website design, marketing pieces, and, of course, accounting) to someone else, you’re not only living your passion, you’re fueling theirs at the same time. That’s what makes us all succeed.

Stop and really think about what drives your business. Who you want to know that reason: your clients, your prospects, your team, your vendors, your business associates? Don’t keep it a secret!

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