What Is Your Personal Brand?

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When you attend a networking event, chances are you’re asked to deliver your elevator speech. What if you don’t attend many Picture2networking events, how do you get your message out? The answer is simple: with your personal brand and your reputation. My virtual accounting firm was recognized by the BBB for our ethical practices – now that is a personal brand and a reputation of which I am proud! We think ethics and accounting go well together!

What can you do to brand yourself and your business? Here are some ideas:

  • Determine what makes you “you” and what makes your business unique. Do you have colleagues that have said, “We come to you because of the XYZ you offer that we can’t find anywhere else?” If so, that is part of your brand!
  • What sets you apart from your competitors? Price? Service? Speed with which you deliver? Determine what it is that you want to use as your differentiator and promote that. Our accounting firm is virtual and paperless; that’s part of what differentiates us from our completion.
  • How will you communicate your brand/reputation to your potential business clients? Advertising? Your social media profiles? Testimonials from clients?

They say first impressions count. They do, and I also believe that ongoing impressions count when it comes to business dealings! Build a strong brand and you’ll build a strong business.


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