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…is what you get…and what you remember. When you consider how people learn and retain best, covering all the bases will assure that Values B&Wyou utilize the method that your people prefer. Some people learn best from visuals and graphics and some by hearing. That’s why many speakers use PowerPoint or online graphic programs along with their presentations.

As we’re getting ready for a team meeting next week, we’re covering all the bases. We’ll have three different speakers, a couple of PowerPoint presentations with graphics, handouts, a new logo of our company values, plus fun giveaways all designed to remind our team of the key issues we’re going to cover.

How can you make your team meetings or presentations more memorable? What can you give your team to spark their memory? Figuring out how to anchor your key points in the minds of your team is well worth the effort because building an effective team is one of the most important things a business owner or leader can do.

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