Spring is here and for many people that means spring cleaning. We clean out closets and cupboards, donate or discard items, rearrange what’s left, and make room for something new. I propose that our closets and cupboards aren’t the only things needing a thorough cleaning. How about your mind? What have you let accumulate in the corners of your mind, like the dust bunnies in your closet?Picture4

Here are a few things to clear out:

  •  Judgments you have made about yourself and others
  • Expectations that leave you feeling unsatisfied
  • Negative thoughts
  • Attitudes that no longer fit you
  • Limitations that hold you back from reaching higher

Your thoughts are a choice. You can discard those that don’t serve you well, rearrange those that do, and open your mind for something new and fresh. You get to choose what you think about, so make sure that what’s in the corners of your mind is something you want there.

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