What’s New Besides the Year?

On January 7th, 2014, posted in: Accounting, BIZ-TIP by 1 Comment

Have you explored the idea of what you want to do new this year? If you don’t intentionally seek something new, you’ll get to the end of Picture1the year and nothing will have changed. You’ll be surprised as how quickly the year will pass, so start now to really make things new!

Here are a few suggestions:

  • What new opportunities do you want to explore?
  • Who are five people you’d like to meet?
  • What two new skills would you like to master?

Make 2014 a year of progress. Go forth and make it really new!

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  1. Well that is exactally what I needed to hear. Learning new things and meeting people are my goals this year. Moving forward keeps you from getting dust.


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