What does your desk look like? Can you see the top of it? Does it look like someone ransacked the place and tossed all of your paperwork all over? Are your employees or your pets if you have a home office afraid to come in lest a stack of paperwork falls on them?

If your desk looks like that, what kind of example are you setting for your staff or for clients that may come to your office? How comfortable would you feel about walking into your accountant’s office and struggling to see him over a stack of paperwork? Would Picture3you worry that your important documents are getting lost in the shuffle?

If you are in that situation, what steps can you take to become more organized? Here are three ideas to ponder:

  1. If someone offers to help you make sense of the mess, take them up on it. There is more than one way to “file.”  Gaining control of the towers of paperwork may just help you be more productive!
  2. If you walked into your employee’s cubicle and saw a desk that is in the same state as yours would you give him a high five or would you wonder, “how does he find anything?” As with the example above, if you walked into an office with a potential business partner and the place was a mess, would you feel comfortable working with him? What does it tell you about him?
  3. Set aside time every day to straighten both your physical and your virtual desktop. Organize both paper and virtual files with naming and filing conventions so you can find them in a jiffy. Being paperless like our virtual accounting office is makes filing super simple. Does your desk need to be organized? Can you devote 15 minutes a day to it – starting today – to tame the mess?

Try it! See if you don’t feel more productive.

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