We all have a velocity at which we are most effective. Knowing yourself well means you know how to work at the speed you are most effective. No one speed is better than the others. A slow velocity does NOT mean ineffective or unproductive. It simply means you approach life at a more relaxed pace. We need people who operate at all different velocities.

How do you determine your personal velocity? The answer to these questions will tell you if you are fast, moderate or slow.

  • Do you have a hard time sitting still? Is your mind always going from one thing to another? Does constant stimulation and activity make business team you feel alive and functioning well? If so, you are a high velocity person.
  • Do you work best in periodic bursts of activity with slower, more restful breaks in between? Do you focus best on one thing at a time? Do you strive for balance? If so, you are a moderate velocity person.
  • Do you like lots of time to ponder things to think them through thoroughly? Do short deadlines and the need to rush make you nervous? Is your motto: slow and steady wins the race? If so, you are a slow velocity person.

All velocities are good and have a valuable place on your team. Just remember to obey the speed limit. Be sure everyone is matched well with the requirements of the position they are in; this will allow them to shine without getting burnt out.

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