What’s Your Story?

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Do your clients and prospective clients know the story of why you started your business? Do they know what your passion is? If they did,Picture1 would it inspire them to do business with you? I hope so!

Sharing your story:

  • Be able to tell the story of how you started your business in 5 minutes.
  • Be sure to include the motivation that moved you to do it.
  • Practice it until you can tell it with passion and conviction.
  • Include it on your website and social media.

Your story is a vital part of your business brand. It should draw people to you and make them want to do business with you. Share your story with us here!

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2 Responses to What’s Your Story?
  1. I originally started my business because no one wanted to hire a fresh out of college person to do income taxes. So I started my own business because I wanted to utilize my favorite part of college which was personal and corporate taxes. I had returned to college late in the game to pursue a re-engineering of me in an area that had been of interest to me since childhood. I had no examples in my family to follow in the realm of accounting but numbers were my friends as it were. So my original concept of starting my business was “To provide tax return preparation for clients as if they were family members.” That concept is still the business basis but now includes bookkeeping and IRS representation. Initially this was secondary income because of not getting hired. But with growth and current clients that were Schedule C asking me to start doing their books it became my only income. And this is why you have come to know me through our mutual affiliation with the ASPA.

  2. That’s a creative way to get around no experience. You certainly have made a success of it! Congratulations on your success. Carolyn


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