Where Did The Time Go?

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Do you sometimes look at the clock to find it is 5 pm on a Friday and you wonder, “Where did the week go?” If you have those times when the workday is gone but the workload isn’t, you may need to implement some time-saving strategies into your work day.

As a small business owner, it’s probably appealing to think you can “do it all” but chances are you can’t. We all need help – even if it’sPicture3 with staying off the internet during working hours! Here are some of my favorite steps for saving time and getting work done:

  1. Control your social media time. Either stay off of social media sites entirely during the work day or set alarm for 15 minutes. Many of these social media sites will draw you in you’ll find that more time has passed than you’d realized.
  2. Stop surfing the internet during work. Save it for your lunch hour or evening.
  3. Have standard responses or templates in place for correspondence that you receive frequently. Many business owners find themselves being asked the same questions myriad times. If this is the case in your business, come up with some “canned replies” to these questions. You can certainly personalize the response, but having it already prepared means you simply have to cut and paste and viola, it’s done!
  4. Use agreed-upon abbreviations when communicating with your team. We have client codes for each client, so never write out the entire name. Our firm’s code is TAO. That’s much quicker than typing out The Accountant’s Office. In our ACT records w/c/b is will call back, f/h is have you heard from, f/s is financial statements, etc.
  5. Clean your desk and only work on one project at a time. We’ve heard for years that multi-tasking is the way to go, but I feel that dedicating my efforts to a particular task and seeing that through to completion helps me accomplish more.

What time management steps can you recommend for the busy business owner? What’s worked for you?

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