Which One are You?

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teamworkOver the years in working with hundreds of business owners all across the country, I’ve discovered there are two types of business owners: the lone rangers and the team players.

Lone Rangers:

  • Think they have to learn to do every aspect of their business
  • Research issues on the internet to try to come up with business solutions
  • Think because they are “smart” they can make decisions outside their area of expertise by themselves

Team Players:

  • Put good people in place and then let them do their job
  • Have a team of professional advisors (attorney, banker, CPA, financial planner, insurance agent) and call on them for expert advice
  • Have a key advisor or mentor who knows their business well and consults them to brainstorm while making decisions

The more I know, the more I know that I don’t know! It takes a team to grow a business. Build a good team and your chances of building a good business are greatly improved.

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  1. For years I’ve run the business as a Lone Ranger using your term. I wasn’t looking for partners and mostly wanted seasonal help. Now one of my sons is a partner and I allow him to discuss his ideas and I use him as a sounding board. All to often there’s a business out there that deems that I can’t survey without them because of whatever they offer. I typically brush them off with I’ll talk to my partner and if they’re bold enough to actually walk in to my office to pitch me I’ll bring him into the conversation. As I’m perceived as an old dog that needs to be retrained they find it hard to deal with my son who agrees with me as to the benefit, or lack there of, that the sales pitch is offering. Most times my son’s opinion is that we aren’t looking for our business to change in the ways suggested. And when he doesn’t feel that way he waits until the individual has left and discusses it with me. I’m sure there’s lots to learn, and I’m sure once I’m not the business “top dog” there will be changes. I perceive that there will eventually be more year round staff then I currently have. I also perceive there will be other changes do to potential management style differences. For now we work well together and I do defer to him at times.


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