Will It End Well?

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We’re down to the last few weeks of 2014. For those of us who set goals for this year, now is a good time to be looking at them again.

You’ll be in one of three places:

  • You’ve reached your goals for 2014. If so, great! The question now is: How far can you exceed them?
  • You’re short of reaching your goals, but you feel they are still attainable. The question now is: What could you do in the next 28 days that year end would help you reach them?
  • You’re a long way from some of your goals. The question now is: Are you going to give up completely or are you going to keep on keeping on getting as close as you can?

Winston Churchill once said “Never, never, never give up!” With that inspiring message England fought off the Nazi invasion that had overtaken Europe and remained a free country. The rest is history.

2014 will soon be history, too. Why not help it end well?

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