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I have been blessed, in my virtual accounting firm, this year to have brought in several new clients. Many of these were from word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients. I cannot stress highly enough the importance of referrals and client testimonials as it relates to gaining new clients.

If you find you’re struggling to bring in new clients, here are a few tips for winning them over:Values B&W

  • Take time to understand a potential client’s needs and his or her pain points.
  • Make certain your products or services are a good fit, i.e. that they can address the pain points.
  • Take more time to listen than to talk when you’re meeting with a new or prospective client. Really listen to what they are saying because it might be different than what you believe it is. Repeat it back to them to confirm that you understood.

Do you have tried and true tactics for winning new clients? Do you have a game plan in mind for when you’re researching prospects? I’d love to hear about them.



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