Do you want more business? Almost everyone I know would answer a resounding YES to that question! As business professionals we spend a lot of time and energy trying to get more business for our firms.

But are you asking for business? You may think everyone knows you want more business, but the truth is they are probably not thinking of you and your desires.Picture3

Tips for getting new business:

  • Ask your existing clients who know you and the value you bring to them if they know someone else who could benefit from what you do.
  • Let your key vendors know you are looking for new clients as they should be vested in your success as it means continued business for them.
  • Be able to describe your ideal client in a few words. That will let people know what to be looking for so when they see that person they’ll know they are perfect for you.

Our ideal client is a serial entrepreneur who keeps coming up with great ideas for new businesses. He/she gets great people to implement the ideas and we keep track of all the numbers. He/she probably wants our personal bill paying service, too. We’d love to find two more ideal clients before the end of the year. If you know one, tell us. We’re asking! Now go forth and do the same!

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